Managing Workload – How to Nail it

Managing Workload – How to Nail it… “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”.,, John Lennon Sound familiar? Let’s be real – most of us find it difficult to complete what we set out to do entirely – but there is a solution to getting the focus right… Here are my five Read more about Managing Workload – How to Nail it[…]

Plan Do Review

Plan… Do… Review A workable solution for busy people managers. Most busy managers have positive intentions for their team environment and the people within it, however those very same managers typically find themselves with little time to cultivate learning opportunities and realise true growth potential, therefore to develop a mindset to Plan Do and review Read more about Plan Do Review[…]

People Management

People Management Training Programme Every successful business needs core strength of character Successful people management starts with a focused appreciation of what it takes to truly understand the training essentials. I take a keen interest in business modelling and have identified that most successful businesses strive to deliver a healthy balance between Structure, Strategy and Read more about People Management[…]

Top tips on how to recruit the right people

How to recruit and interview your shortlist with confidence How to explore the market, evaluate the potential of progression from within your organisation, and recruit and interview your shortlist with confidence: Here are my top tips on how to recruit the right people, with suggestions and solutions which are both manageable and thought provoking. When Read more about Top tips on how to recruit the right people[…]

CRM in the house building sector – 2017

CRM in the house building sector: Your team will respond positively to progress they can see and feel In the house building sector, where demand continues to outstrip supply, and where hard working staff are already proving that the Brexit speculators cannot thwart the upward trend in confidence for 2017, it is important that we Read more about CRM in the house building sector – 2017[…]

House sales negotiator training

House sales negotiator training needn’t be a minefield. Looking for a fresh approach for 2017? Buzzing with positive thinking and ready to share a wealth of experience, Williams Performance Coaching Ltd can really help organise your training priorities and alleviate the pressures of workload and budget constraints. There are so many plates spinning during the Read more about House sales negotiator training[…]

Sales Training – How are your sales team doing?

How are your sales team doing? Sales training… Tips for identifying, steering and monitoring your sales training needs When the going gets tough, it’s time to evaluate the merit of investing in your overall team performance…   The sales arena can be tricky. Uncertainty driven by media speculation can confuse consumers – and despite the market Read more about Sales Training – How are your sales team doing?[…]

Networking Breakfast Masterclass!

A Networking Breakfast Masterclass for people in business Discover how to properly engage with other professionals and find your cultural and commercial match in business. Getting networking right is not easy and too much time and energy is often wasted exploring the wrong route. Most people already realise that there is much more to networking than Read more about Networking Breakfast Masterclass![…]