CRM in the house building sector – 2017

CRM in the house building sector: Your team will respond positively to progress they can see and feel

In the house building sector, where demand continues to outstrip supply, and where hard working staff are already proving that the Brexit speculators cannot thwart the upward trend in confidence for 2017, it is important that we take stock and address the importance of investing in our people.

The Media has represented the need for focus on Customer Relationship Management training and many businesses are now on board with the notion that they need a cohesive and more rewarding approach to dealing with customers; be they internal or external. Many I have spoken to are now reflecting on the past year with a mixed bag of emotions – whilst most have enjoyed a better set of results than anticipated, they feel frustrated by the stresses of peaks and troughs in production and activity, and the inevitable pressures on their overall team performance. As a result of this, I am directly addressing the need to introduce more efficient working practices for your teams. It is time for joined up thinking. For example: Let’s take a closer look at the relationship between your sales, construction and customer care teams…

CRM is certainly not just about your latest choice of software!

For me, CRM is about keeping your rationale simple, with transparency and clarity in communication, and most importantly it is about engaging positively with a true belief in your vision and purpose.

I have developed a training programme for house builders which identifies the milestones in every customer journey, and addresses the touch points for effective team interaction.

Key milestone: The New Home Demonstration

To give you a flavour, allow me to single out the new home demonstration (NHD) as just one of those key milestones. Too many NHDs have been rushed; indeed ‘crowbarred’ into the last seconds of the build programme, and I have yet to meet a site manager who wanted that to happen. Sales people sell the dream of a wonderful new home with fabulous specification, and want to deliver that dream on move in day. Sadly both sales and construction teams are often firefighting and making excuses at a time when they would much prefer to be demonstrating something to be proud of. The longer this firefighting is allowed to continue, the more it erodes the customer’s confidence in you and your team. How frustrating! Especially when you know that, stripped back, your product is good – your specification is good, and most importantly your people are good.

This particular training programme breaks down the New Home Demonstration into the manageable segments of:

Preparation, Logistics, Timing and Content

Each segment then addresses areas of responsibility and identifies a smoother approach to getting this right, from invitation stage through to the demonstration content on the day itself.

Your team will respond positively to progress they can see and feel, and as a consequence, your objective setting towards customer satisfaction scores will improve.

The answer to immediate improvement to your CRM is simple – its about honest, objective communication and its about timing… back to that joined up thinking.

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