7th September 2015

Recruitment days

Recruitment assessment days offer companies a golden opportunity to observe several potential candidates in a coTeam-Work---Williams-Performance-Coachingntrolled learning environment and identify a shortlist of people for interview.

Assessment days with Williams Performance Coaching can be tailor made to suit your needs as a company and will essentially involve the following key areas for selection:-

A 9.30am arrival for a 10.00am start.

Atmosphere: We should create a welcoming space, conducive to learning and the sharing of knowledge, where all candidates feel comfortable. A relaxed but professional setting, encouraging candidates to be themselves, thus demonstrating a real picture of the person you would be employing.

Tasks: The morning would consist of delegates partaking in a series of tasks which identify key skill strengths and observe confidence, professionalism, team working, communication, body language, attitude.¬†Tasks would involve scenarios appropriate to your company’s business in an effort to establish the right fit within your organisation.

Matrix scoring: A scoring matrix is used to build a candidate’s suitability for employment with your company.

The assessment morning for candidates concludes at 1pm.

During the afternoon, observers will pool their observations from the matrices and arrive at a short list for interview.

This is a refreshing and very efficient way to recruit the right people for your business. Typically the old fashioned method of recruiting from CV’s means that people are categorised before you ever meet them. Knowing whether they should be placed on the “Yes,” “No” or “Maybe” list should not be left to chance or gut feel.

Assessment days give you valuable insight into a candidate’s suitability, without the guesswork, and your managers will enjoy the added benefit of taking part too.

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