29th October 2015

Facilitation for training

Facilitation for training


As a leader of people, you know that to be successful and content with your role and its function, you need a strong, focused team to be right there working with you.

You want your people to stay loyal to you and your company, acting as strong ambassadors for your brand and company ethos. You want efficiency and strong ROCE. You want them to deliver the targets you have set for them in a consciously ‘driven’ way.

In the real world, what we want as managers and directors and what we actually get are often two different things. Often the fault lies not with intentional neglect, but with ignorance. It is so easy in leadership to count heads and assume that you have all bases covered, but we must consciously pause sometimes and reflect on what our team actually know versus what we would really like them to know, where we want our team to be, and what our priorities are for training.

In terms of investment, a company who invests in its people will reap reward. Richard Branson famously said: “The way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers.” This is so true. Contented people are much more likely to perform. Indeed, they will perform because they want to, not because they have to.  An inspired workforce in tune with your strategic goals is a very powerful commodity in the marketplace, and it is much easier to achieve than you may be thinking.

When it ocmes to the facilitation of Strategy and Revenue versus admin…

In your role as a director, manager or team leader, you will hopefully be aware of the strategic needs of your business, and most businesses will keep abreast of what is current, be it legislative or trend. It is delivering these key points to your team in the right way which often causes problems. Some might say chaos! You have the people and the message, but need someone to deliver it in a constructive way which will invigorate consistency and continual development for the betterment of the business and its staff.

Williams Performance Coaching is here to help you. We can facilitate your training needs in a controlled and focused way. We can get the right messages to your team in the right order, at the right time! What’s more, we can help you keep on top of your workflow so that going forward, you weave time for your team’s progress into your busy schedule. Often it is about helping you to divide your time into the three key segments of admin, strategy and revenue stream.

Facilitation for training is available for you now. Take Customer Service. Most companies want their customers to be very satisfied. You have the material and you know what needs to be said, but you need the right person to come forward and deliver the message on your behalf. Anita Williams has been coaching and developing people since 1993…Anita-Williams-Head-shot-B&W

“I know how it feels to be flat-out busy in senior management, and I know how challenging it can be to be an effective leader.

In my experience the secret to success is to always have your people on your daily agenda.

Treat them right and they will stay loyal. Listen to them. Take on board their valuable feedback and do something with it. Show them that it matters to you that they progress.

Get this right, and the important strategic goals of your business will be embraced; not as an essential “bolt on” to their daily routine, but as an integral part of what they live and breathe every day”.

In business, your style of delivery is everything. Keeping it simple, we have the tool kit ready and prepared for you, we just need to add your messages and deliver them to your workforce. Let us help you take the weight off your shoulders.

It all starts with a simple scoping meeting over coffee. Get in touch right here today.

We look forward to hearing from you.