20th July 2015

Leadership Training

Leadership-Training---Williams-Performance-CoachingUpscale your leadership training programme. Learn how to become a more proactive, informed leader and encourage loyal contented team spirit.

Get to grips with a sound understanding of the three key component parts of a business: Structure, Process and Strategy.

Being a leader or a manager can be challenging, but equally very rewarding.

But it can sometimes get a bit lonely at the top of your profession. Peers are fewer, and the pressures of making the right decisions, especially the ones which impact upon your team can take their toll.

Understanding how to balance your routine of tasks and delivery of long and short term strategic goals, alongside managing your team to perform at their best is difficult. There are never quite enough hours in the day.

The art of delegation when handled correctly, can still keep you in the loop.

There are leaders who are so far removed from their team that they don’t know what’s going on at the “coal face.” Keeping your finger on the pulse is critical to decision making and the monitoring of progress within your business.

On the other hand, there are leaders who are so involved with the “coal face” that they are failing to cascade¬†important strategic messages to their teams, which impacts on performance and results in a working routine which appears to be always trying to catch up. Not great for target setting or future business growth.

More commonly, there are those who try to fall somewhere between the two, but just wish they had that extra pair of hands to assist with prioritising and feeding back key focus points to their workforce.

Whichever category you fall into, a chat with Williams Performance Coaching could, at the very least, ease your mind.

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