3rd October 2017

Plan, Do and Review (Managing workload)

Hectic workload?

Have your heard about: Plan… Do… Review?

A workable solution for busy people managers.

Most busy managers have positive intentions for their team environment and the people within it, however those very same managers typically find themselves with little time to cultivate learning opportunities and realise true growth potential, therefore to develop a mindset to Plan Do and review must be a good thing…

So how are you doing?

If one or more of the following points strike a chord with you, read on…

  1. You spend too much time responding to emails
  2. Your priorities change regularly
  3. Your routine tasks are increasingly becoming admin related
  4. Your team are getting results but you worry about them coping with the pressure
  5. You are proud of the people you manage but want to earn their respect
  6. You want to develop your skills as an effective people manager
  7. You want to develop your skills as a more efficient team member
  8. You need to find a better way to organise your workload
  9. You would like to spend more time understanding and acknowledging individual efforts
  10. You have good intentions for your team and want them to succeed

The backbone to any successful business needs to address the three key fundamentals of Structure, Process and Strategy. Under these three headings, shaping the way we Plan, Do and Review our workload will significantly impact upon our work output and level of success.

Add to that our focus on the well being of each person, and we can positively observe their capability and willingness to perform.

The best tip I can offer you in terms of getting started on the right path to planning for success, is to understand the tasks required within your team’s workload.

  • Consider who needs to do what and why?
  • Are the tasks current and indeed relevant to your current business focus?
  • Is the workload evenly distributed?
  • If there is distortion, are you alleviating pressure points and reallocating? It’s only fair…right?

Don’t worry: there is an upside to the picture I am painting here.

There is a simple technique which is easy to introduce into any business mindset:

Plan Do Review

To a) Plan b) Do and c) Review all tasks relating to each role.

Some managers will just run with that notion and try their own method of delivery to see how they get on. This approach is to be applauded because at the very least it displays confidence and a willingness to “get on with it.” The downside though, is that it may take them several attempts to get the Structure, Process and Strategy right.

On the other hand, you could consider and affordable training option which will truly enlighten your team and yourself.

Who wants intertia?

If you would like to make a difference and break the mould, please feel free to get in touch by email at: info@williams.coach or browse other training options at www.williams.coach

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I look forward to hearing from you.

Anita Williams