26th July 2015

Enhanced selling skills

Enhanced-Selling-Skills---Williams-Performance-CoachingOur Enhanced selling skills training programme will enable good sales people to place themselves head and shoulders above their peers.

Establishing a rapport with your customer very early in the relationship will greatly assist the smooth running of the journey to success which follows.

Applying a simple routine to your communication methods with that customer will not only enhance the understanding you have with each other, but you will be reinforcing your customer’s confidence in you and the company you represent.

So how can we apply some simple techniques to your working pattern which will upscale your approach and professional image?

You will be surprised how easy it can be to find the answers by simply talking through your current approach, your own concerns and those of your team.

There will be routine things that you already do very well. There will be areas for development; and no doubt there will be areas which you have already identified as needing serious focus.

Be clear about one thing… you¬†cannot enhance your selling skills without first addressing effective communication with your customer.

Williams Performance Coaching will tailor make a sales training programme which covers both the adoption of improved communication methods, and the value of upscaling your selling skills.

Enhanced selling skills are achieved through dedicated learning and recognising the way to pursue your goals.

We look at how you engage with your peers and customers; what you say and when you say it; how you define a customer’s needs and keep them interested in you and your product, and the stages of your customer journey with them which result ultimately in a sale which bears fruit. Most companies will seek recommendation from their customers and glowing reports about the experience they have had.

Let’s get them talking about you… let’s get them interested in buying from you…

It’s easy to find out more. Get in touch with Williams Performance Coaching today and let’s talk about an enhanced selling skills course which suits you.