20th July 2015

The Sales Process


Whatever sector you are operating in, when making a sale, the actual transaction is only one element of a much wider sales process.

Understanding that journey and your behaviour within it can only enhance your customer experience and deliver a stronger selling platform where you will feel more comfortable and confident.

No doubt the product you are selling has taken time to produce. Care will have been taken in identifying all of the ingredients which make it a saleable commodity. You need that same level of care and consideration to apply at each step of the customer’s experience with you, but we know that often, this important aspect of the journey can fall short of the standard you would expect for yourself or your company.

Too many people struggle through a daily routine full of obstacles and time constraints, often at the expense of the customer not getting that excellent customer service you would like to deliver. This needn’t happen to you.

We understand that nurturing excellent customer relationships is important to you and we want to help. We also understand that you are an essential and integral part of the sales journey.

Starting with that all important first impression, we can help you to identify each element of the sales journey – how to navigate it – and how to pace yourself to gain commitment at each important stage, so that every customer is comfortable and engaged:

Meet and Greet / Qualifying with purpose / presenting features and benefits / handling objections / gaining commitment / negotiating and closing  / after care

Williams Performance Coaching will guide you through the different stages of The Sales Journey with a tailor made training  programme adapted to suit your team and business needs.

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