26th July 2015

Handling cultural change

Change-Management---Williams-Performace-CoachingHandling cultural change needn’t be a taboo area of discussion.

Human beings naturally fall into the category of dealing with what is routinely familiar. We are at our happiest when dealing with matters within our comfort zone.

But if we always stick to the same routine methods, day in day out, nothing will ever change.

Sometimes there are those unavoidable or necessary changes, be they legislative or otherwise.

When something comes along to challenge our routine, or present us with elements which fall outside our comfort zone, we need to consider carefully what our next steps should be.

Under this heading, when faced with change, members of your team are likely to be concerned. You may be up against negative comments and sceptical questioning from some, and it is vitally important that you communicate effectively, demonstrating an outcome which is reassuring, appropriate and, most importantly, understood.

How you deal with your team’s perception of the changes will shape the outcome.

Engaging with them early in the process will assist in achieving their “buy in” to your new areas of focus.

At Williams Performance Coaching, we will digest your intented changes to the culture in which you operate; how this will affect you and your team and how we can assist by offering some useful solutions to integrating necessary changes as smoothly as possible

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