21st July 2015

Time management

Efficient Time-Management-Training---Williams-Performance-Coachingtime management. Its easy when you say it quick… but we know that it is often not that easy to get organised.

Nobody is perfect, but improvements can be made to the way we plan ahead, and cope with the daily pressures of “to do” lists and, of course, the handling of unexpected extras which appear when you least expect them!

Put simply, efficient time management is all about what we do and when we do it.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could apply a few simple techniques which would help you to categorise your tasks and workload in a fashion which mirrored the demands of your business priorities and allowed you more time to consciously think things through objectively?

Just stop and consider for a moment how much time you are currently applying to the fundamentals of Admin, Strategy and Revenue stream. Now consider what percentage of your time should be spent on each of these elements. In reality, and this comes as no surprise to us, most people spend far too much time on admin related duties and the price paid for this is a real lack of focus on tasks which deliver your vital revenue stream.

At Williams Performance Coaching, we can help you to rethink and reshape that “to do” list! We will talk about short, medium and long term goals, and identify elements which best contribute to the results you are striving for.

We will help you to explore the merit of a more workable solution to the way you develop the working pattern of each team member.

We can also help you and your team to stay consciously focused on the right priorities, and keep track of timeframes allowed.

We would be happy to meet up for a chat about your efficient time management. Please get in touch to find out more.