New Home Demonstration Training

New Home Demonstration Training for your team is vital to the ongoing development of your customer satisfaction results.

There is a way to conquer this significant Customer Journey Milestone

Across the house building sector we are experiencing exciting times. Tumultuous maybe and certainly demanding, but nevertheless exciting. Whilst we can all get enthusiastic about the upward trend in positive results, it is important to remember that, as the demand for new homes continues, every significant touchpoint we arrive at with each customer becomes a talking point; a point of reference; an opportunity to succeed or fail in our commitment to sustained CRM. There is so much going on…

Sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees

We need to equip our front line teams with the tools to do the job – especially when it comes to those all important key milestones, like the New Home Demonstration. After all, this is often the first time the customer will see their finished home, and the first time they will truly form a proper informed opinion about the standard of your service level. Indeed, this meeting could make or break your reputation with that customer.

Too many New Home Demonstrations have been rushed through due to pressures of workload. Inviting eager customers to engage with you where there is unfinished business does not bode well for that all important customer satisfaction survey. I have yet to meet a site manager who wanted that to happen. Sales people sell the dream of a wonderful new home with fabulous specification, and want to deliver that dream on move in day. Sadly both sales and construction teams are often firefighting and making excuses at a time when they would much prefer to be demonstrating something to be proud of. The longer this firefighting is allowed to continue, the more it erodes the customer’s confidence in you and your team. How frustrating! Especially when you know that, stripped back, your product is good – your specification is good, and most importantly your people are good.

Time for some focused New Home Demonstration team training?

This particular training programme breaks down the New Home Demonstration into the manageable segments of:

Preparation, Logistics, Timing and Content

Each segment then addresses areas of responsibility and identifies a smoother approach to getting this right, from invitation stage through to the demonstration content on the day itself.

Your team will respond positively to progress they can see and feel, and as a consequence, your objective setting towards customer satisfaction scores will improve

In summary:

  • House builders across the sector are understandably feeling the bruises of build programme shortfalls
  • The market has facilitated good sales rates, and it is often the case that the dream sold at reservation (albeit unintentionally) becomes a firefight at legal completion
  • We all know that lack of proper communication can breed dissatisfaction and of course, every developer wants satisfied customers
  • Customer journey milestones, each having their communications, need to be redefined – your CRM focus can easily be adapted to embrace the right customer touchpoints in the right order
  • The progress of the build cycle needs to be realistically portrayed and updated to the customer
  • The sales process then needs to apply itself to those milestones intelligently
  • Its about what do, what we say and when / how we say it!
  • Its about “binning” the blame culture and taking ownership!

The answer to immediate improvement is available now – we just need to get your team on board by adopting a more manageable approach which they can readily adapt to with enthusiasm.

If you feel that you and your company could benefit from learning more, please feel free to make contact. I would be delighted to help you shape a productive training solution to suit your needs:


Anita Williams