2nd October 2015

Sales training for house builders

Sales training for house builders – take it from somebody who knows!

Anita Williams has been coaching and developing people in the house building sector since 1993. Spending much of this time at senior management and director level, Anita is well versed with the complexities of budget constraiVersion 2nt and motivating people to deliver high quality to targeted deadlines. Here’s what she has to say about her work:-

“I know from experience that the house building sector is a fast moving, pressurised environment with ever growing demands in terms of legislation, government economic guidelines and individual company targets. Employing and nurturing a sales team who are confident and capable of staying true to your values is offset by the coal face you send them to and the plate spinning inertia of their often hectic daily routine. This is why my company exists!

With a passion for empowering people to perform to the best of their ability, I have created a series of training modules designed to enhance performance, and address the importance of respect and recognition for your workforce at the same time.

As a Sales Manager or Director you are typically charged with the need to get strong results, excellent customer satisfaction, high quality communication and a team who stays loyal. Striking this balance is very difficult, and I know from experience that this can reach fever pitch at critical budget timeframes, especially when half year and year end approaches!

The bar in this significant sector is high for a reason. It has to be. When you stop to consider how many spin off businesses thrive from supplying or being associated with house building, you can pause further to applaud the creativity and entrepreneurship that ensues and the passion that is created by so many active minds.

I loved my time in this infectious industry and I learned so much about effective communication, the importance of cost control, time management, wise budgeting and efficiencies across the sales and marketing disciplines. Finding a way to get ahead of the curve seems nigh on impossible to most people, but through careful planning and a focus on goals and what is important, we can make huge ‘inroads’ into our strategic thinking.

It seemed like a natural progression to launch Williams Performance Coaching and I am now delighted to be delivering training programmes to a variety of house builders, each with different needs.

Now it’s all very well having a series of modules to choose from, but I view these as just the starting point. I am keen to get to know what each company needs for their people. Often it is about time. Busy managers and directors usually have good intentions for their teams, but unfortunately run out of days to deliver those all important strategic messages and, worse, find themselves with little time to show their appreciation for the efforts of their workforce. This is unintentional, and I know how it feels.

In an effort to avoid over complication, I apply three simple categories to people learning: Recruit, Motivate and Grow. Helping you to recruit wisely, engage positively and encourage your people to shine is what makes me tick.

A scoping meeting over a coffee is the best way to get started and I would encourage anybody who is looking to develop their people to make contact

Let me help you to reinvigorate the way your team feels about working for you, and improve their overall performance. Let’s engage minds, let’s refocus on what is important and let’s find a healthy balance for your business, for them and for you!

I look forward to hearing from you.”

Anita Williams


Training modules at Williams Performance Coaching include:-

The Sales Journey

Enhanced Selling Skills

5 star Customer Service

Effective Leadership

Motivational Training Days

Team building

Recruitment days

Efficient time management