24th July 2015

About Anita Williams

anitaAnita Williams has been coaching and developing people since 1993. Her extensive experience, gleaned from a comprehensive grounding in the banking sector, followed by a long stint in leadership in the house building sector, has resulted in a broad understanding of what it takes to motivate and encourage people to perform at their best.

Her seventeen years as a Sales and Marketing Director have exposed her to the pressures of leadership and the handling of budget timetables and constraints. Feeling proud of her achievements, Anita is now quite philosophical about her encounters with the challenges of her career thus far:

“Making the decision to set up in business on my own felt like disembarking a huge learning curve; I was inspired by it and all the better for having endured it. My skill set has been nourished with a mix of emotional roller coaster rides and thought provoking business decisions. If I had to go back to the start of my career and live it all over again, I doubt I would make many changes. I appreciate that to be successful, grounded and content at work is to engage with those around you, share experiences, learn from each other, respect each other and play to the strengths of a team. How you deal with objectives and grow from them determines your strength of character and general well-being. How you behave is all about the attitude you choose to adopt.

During my time as a Director, I was empowered to steer my team and represent my area of expertise at board level. I believed in my decisions. I propelled a confidence which I was able to pass on to a dedicated team of hard working people who shone.

Now that I have founded my own business, I am able to offer constructive, progressive and meaningful training for leaders and their workforce in an engaging way. I take pride in listening first. This is key to effective communication, and I work hard to practise what I preach!

Through careful planning and a focus on growth potential we can make huge “inroads” into our strategic thinking.

At Williams Performance Coaching, I am delighted to offer some very useful material on how to motivate and encourage your team to be successful, and I will be delighted to mould a specific course to suit your company targets and the needs of your particular team.”

Williams Performance Coaching offers professional tailor-made training courses to suit your requirements.

It is easy to get started. All it usually takes to identify your immediate need is a chat over coffee 🙂

Here are some useful examples of prompts, identifying elements you could incorporate, to get you started:

  • Motivational training days
  • Business planning
  • Effective leadership training
  • Professional customer service
  • Efficient time management for senior managers
  • Sales conferences
  • The sales journey
  • Back to basics: Selling skills
  • Enhanced selling skills
  • Effective communication
  • Handling cultural change
  • Recruitment assessment days
  • Team building exercises

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