House sales negotiator training

House sales negotiator training needn’t be a minefield.

Looking for a fresh approach for 2017? Buzzing with positive thinking and ready to share a wealth of experience, Williams Performance Coaching Ltd can really help organise your training priorities and alleviate the pressures of workload and budget constraints.

house graph imageThere are so many plates spinning during the daily routine of a sales consultant based on a busy house builder’s development that it can be difficult to identify priorities. These people are at the coal face of this fantastic industry; the lifeblood of the house building sector; providing the revenue which, if handled correctly, boosts profit margins admirably. Most sales people who work for house builders possess self motivation and a skill set which thrives on using their own initiative. They are to be commended for taking ownership and simply “getting on with it.” Indeed, if managers never intervened, in an average marketplace, they would probably still sell houses… but for how long? Successful sales people need recognition for their efforts and tangible objectives to keep them motivated to perform again and again; equally those lacking experience need careful nurturing and guidance.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of firefighting what is thrown at you on a daily basis. Well intentioned managers will set targets and be expected to report on them days later, so it is also easy to consider that this will be the first thing they think of every day and typically the thing which sometimes keeps them awake at night. And yet this undefeated process is regularly repeated. Getting ahead of this inertia, which can become a huge distraction to the routine you should be enjoying, is possible, if managed with method, and if we are prepared to plan ahead.

What you need is a plan for your House sales negotiator training. A focused initiative which helps you to identify task management in a controlled way; helps you to manage the effective development of your people in a way which nurtures ambition; challenges active creative minds and monitors progress methodically in line with your budget.

Anita Williams has worked in the house building sector for 25 years, training and developing people to perform at their best. She thrives on the nurturing of ambition and watching the significant progress which can be made simply by steering a team in the right direction. Because she has been there herself, she can relate readily to the demands facing the senior management tier and fully understands that, albeit they’d like to,  they simply can’t be in two places at once. “I know only too well what it feels like to be away from your beloved developments and worrying about what you are missing. It is wonderful to be able to become that extra pair of hands, eyes and ears that can offer tangible assistance and reap real reward for them and their staff” she says.

Training content can cover a multitude of issues and objectives to suit your needs.

So whether your team need a motivational boost, a refresher on key selling skills, or a specific challenge to overcome, we have it covered.

It costs nothing to find out how you and your team could benefit from a tailor made training plan, and we think you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy we can make a small investment transform your routine for the better of your business and, more importantly, attain job satisfaction for you and your people.

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