Sales Training – How are your sales team doing?

Sales Training

How are your sales team doing?

Sales training… Tips for identifying, steering and monitoring your sales training needs

When the going gets tough, it’s time to evaluate the merit of investing in your overall team performance…


The sales arena can be tricky. Uncertainty driven by media speculation can confuse consumers – and despite the market pressures, sales teams are required to plod on and deliver ever increasing targets.

In management, it is easy to allow your daily routine to become an obstacle instead of a mechanism toward the achievement of your goals. When this happens, the likelihood is that you are spinning too many plates at once, and not really achieving anything. Inertia is not good for anyone. If you find yourself feeling guilty because you haven’t applied enough of your time to your sales team, it is time for you to take stock.

Make no mistake about it:


Progress is determined by effort and efficient planning breeds success.

There are no short cuts where effective Sales Training is concerned, but I can help you with some pointers to get you on the right track. Here are ten useful questions which could help you to identify, steer and monitor your team’s training needs:

  1. Are your sales managers adequately equipped to cascade, motivate and deliver your business plan?
  2. Are you setting objective targets which adequately balance the two categories of comfort zone and challenge?
  3. Do you monitor your sales team’s progress proactively?
  4. Do you truly know where each member of your sales team sits in the skill set stakes?
  5. Does your customer journey evolve to suit the dynamics of the marketplace?
  6. Are your meetings effective?
  7. Are your sales team motivated and pleased to be ambassadors for your company and your brand?
  8. Do your sales team posses the right level of knowledge about your product and/or service?
  9. Are your communication methods reaping reward to the point where customers would highly recommend your company to others?
  10. Have you already identified that your sales team need training, but not yet pinpointed exactly what the training needs are or how to invest in training?

Being honest about all of the above will very quickly shape the backbone of your sales training plan and the outcomes will determine your success.

If this is striking a chord, and you feel that you could benefit from learning more, please feel free to make contact. I would be delighted to help you shape a productive training solution to suit your needs:


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