Sales Training: it’s all about the journey…

Sales Training: it’s all about the journey…

Enthusiastic sales people will typically go about their daily tasks with a “can do” willingness to succeed.

These types of people are often left to their own devices as managers concentrate on team members who need encouragement and monitoring.

Somewhere in middle of the two extremSales-training,-its-all-about-the-journeyes is a combination which, though careful nurture and strategy, can strike gold. But how often do we dig for it?

Somewhere in the cyclical turmoil of routine, busy people can be forgiven for thinking they have delivered to the best of their ability. We have heard about how working “smarter” can help focus minds, but too many sales professionals “tell” their teams how to perform.

At Williams Performance Coaching, Sales training is all about the journey.

And we are not just talking about the customer journey. We are talking about the journey each individual member of your team is taking at any given time.

Spotting who is good at what, and pairing them up to suit is a common “easy fix” amongst team leaders with little time on their hands. Wouldn’t it be great to know that a carefully managed training plan could help every person in your team grow?

Rising stars should be encouraged to hone their skills and ambition. Setting objectives to challenge active minds will stimulate growth both for the person learning and his line manager who will also benefit from the experience.

Nurturing new talent requires time and skill. New recruits deserve an induction programme with follow through opportunities and a mentor in support.

If you are looking forward to developing all of your team, from the raw recruits to the star performers, and if keeping them all motivated matters to you, I would love to hear from you. You could soon be on your way to redressing the balance within your team. Let’s get them all motivated to deliver. Let’s identify which part of the journey each of them have reached, and let’s signpost their journey to a much more rewarding career as an efficient and effective sales person.Customer-Journey---Williams-Performance-Coaching

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Anita Williams