When considering recruiting, motivating and training a workforce, most companies want to develop a team of people who will perform for them, with job satisfaction, adopting the culture and values of the business and engaging proactively with a commitment to customer focus and the delivery of targets. Making this happen takes considered thought and the need to address the business model of strategy, structure and process.

It might help you to first break down the elements of the process required to get this right:

Recruit-motivate-and-growRecruitment: If you need help recruiting new blood into your team, you might want to go down the conventional route of advertising and organising a short list from the CV’s that follow. You might choose to do what many businesses do, and enlist the help of a recruitment agent. Or you might want to consider doing what a growing number of organisations are opting for in today’s competitive marketplace: Recruiting new people via your own recruitment assessment day.  To do this, all you need is a winning formula which puts candidates through their paces in a constructive, enjoyable and engaging way so that they are enthused by your approach at the very start. Add to this a series of task orientated initiatives which pull out key skills and observations involving behaviour, attitude and capability and we think we have found the perfect process to help you decide who is best for you. A recruitment assessment day will give you the rare opportunity to view and rate a selection of candidates alongside each other. Here is a link which  might be useful to you, or please do feel free to email me for more information:info@williams.coach

Motivation: Having recruited the right team of people, keeping them motivated is very important. There are the daily prompts in business which remind people that you care about their progress and their efforts, and equally, look after areas for *SMART improvement. There are also the training programmes you choose to earmark for your teams which identify priorities for implementation and also determine inspirational goals. Both aspects of motivation described here need your attention. If you would like to improve your staff retention levels and look at ways to keep your people content in their workplace, its time to think about the way you are motivating them. Don’t worry, the answer is not rocket science and we are here to help.

Training: An effective training plan is one which identifies key performance measures and strategic objectives in line with your growth plan. Typically leaders in business are aware of where they want their teams to get to but don’t spend the time producing a proper training plan. If you would like to talk to us about your training priorities and longer term objectives, we will gladly organise your training plan for you. You will be surprised how quickly you become more focused! Even the basics of time management can make a huge impact on your ability to relate to and engage with your team more positively.

Change-Management---Williams-Performace-CoachingGrowth Plan: in short, do you have one? What ever the level you want to grow your business to, planning for its sustainable development will give your team a steer and a “go to” set of principles to adopt. If you need help getting your business on the right track, we can assist you with the main areas of focus and advise you on some key performance measures for your people.

We all want job satisfaction, and when you stop and think about what this means, isn’t it just a matter of communicating effectively and treating people in the right way; the way that you would like to be treated yourself? Those who choose to work hard because they want to instead of because they have to reap reward.

Williams Performance Coaching offers one to one coaching sessions for individuals and specific team training, whether you are in leadership or working at the “coal face” of your particular business. We pride ourselves in delivering bespoke training to suit the specific needs of your business and we would love to talk to you.

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*SMART:  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic , Timebound