People Managers are unsung heroes!

People Managers…Time to invest in the tier that steadies the ship!

It is often unintentional, but due to strategic pressures, those in the most senior directorships in business can often take for granted their immediate supports. In a marketplace where our economy is lifting, sales are good and results on paper are favourable, it is easy to assume that all is well within your team. But let’s just take stock for a moment and consider the added pressures on the people managers’ tier who, in turn, shape and steady the people at the “coal face” of the business. This middle band of  managers spin plates and multi-task as a habit, often skipping lunch and the better things in life due to the pressures of workload. So what are we missing?

This goes much deeper than the stereotypical “work hard, play hard” excuse. We should stop to consider that busier business could cause heavier burdens on managers and their team members unless we streamline our strategic overview and address the most effective ways to cascade and nurture our specific goals. Most businesses will identify Key Performance Indicators and record results against them.  This process is great and a “must have” for any developing business but it will only deliver at its optimum level if you identify, in tandem with it, the way the workload is managed, delegated and followed through.

Your team may be performing very well. Fabulous! But how do they feel? Are they fire fighting all the time? Are they making the mistake of starting at the top of a “to do” list which hasn’t identified priorities properly? What about the items at the bottom of the page which in your view may be much more important to your bottom line?

The good news is, its not difficult to get on the path to mending this situation. Investing in your people earns you praise, respect and recognition. Leading by example with clear instruction and taking time to embrace its understanding reaps reward. Sometimes all a manager needs is a steer in the right direction; a simple model which addresses task orientation in line with your budget requirements, diary management, effective delegation and above all efficient communication.

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If you have sales managers or related/aspiring people managers who need to appreciate the sales discipline more,  here is a link to a very useful course coming soon which is relevant to this topic, specifically with a focus on Sales

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People managers are unsung heroes – by Anita Williams