24th October 2015

Hospitality training

Hospitality training needn’t be daunting.

If you have been out for a meal recently, stayed in a hotel or spent time in a coffee shop, you will have experienced a level of customer service. There are natural levels of expectation within us which capture our thoughts each time we experience hospitality and this experience typically falls into one of three categories:-

  1.  We get what we paid for, and experience the level of customer service we anticipated. Interestingly, we rarely talk about this.
  2. We are disappointed with some or all aspects of the experience and will actively talk about this. We will typically complain to others, occasionally write negative reviews if we feel particularly strongly about it, and it is highly unlikely that we will return to this place.
  3. We are delighted with the experience and will make positive recommendations to others. We will talk about the place, its staff and the service we had, and we will typically repeat this several times. Moreover, we are likely to revisit this place.

Positive feedback about hospitality and positive “word of mouth” is great for business. So of course, it is easy to determine that we all want our customers to fall into the third category identified here at number 3.

Whatever kind of business you are running, it is very important to know that your customers feel valued. As a manager or business proprietor it is equally important to ensure that your team of employees have clear direction and totally undeCustomer-Service-Training-and-Coachingrstand your ethos and your standards if they are to deliver to your customer expectations.

Investing time and energy into the development of your people will reap reward and create an environment which bodes well with the buying public. So how do you get them (your customers and your hospitality staff) talking positively about their experience with you?

Do you have an established business in the hospitality sector? Maybe you are setting up a new business and going through the dynamics of employing new staff or teaching them the ropes. Either way, I know that most business owners and proprietors will want their team to be performing at the top of their game, and Williams Performance Coaching can help you to get them there.

The good news is that there is nothing complicated about teaching excellent customer service. Adopting some simple techniques will hopefully help boost your reputation and give your team job satisfaction at the same time.

For Hospitality training for all of your staff including managers, front of house and floor staff, (indeed all of the people who come into contact with your valued customers), get in touch today. Training covers customer engagement in a variety of ways, from first impressions at “meet and greet” stage, and right the way through their buying journey with you.

We would love to get to know what you need for the people in your business and we will be delighted to talk to you about how even a few tweaks to your routine will really make a difference.
It all starts with a chat over a cuppa.

We look forward to hearing from you.