Recruiting, motivating and training wisely

When considering recruiting, motivating and training a workforce, most companies want to develop a team of people who will perform for them, with job satisfaction, adopting the culture and values of the business and engaging proactively with a commitment to customer focus and the delivery of targets. Making this happen takes considered thought and the need to address Read more about Recruiting, motivating and training wisely[…]

Five Top Tips for a healthy business

Five Top Tips for a healthy business Business leaders are challenged daily by the fundamentals of strategy, structure and process. I have examined these three key segments of a strong business plan and scrutinized the dimensions which drive them. My goal for preparing this post (about developing a healthy, sustainable business) was to keep the solutions simple, tangible Read more about Five Top Tips for a healthy business[…]

The key to effective networking

The key to effective networking and how to build lasting professional referral relationships.   I want to share with you three important tips for effective networking which will essentially enhance your tool kit for growth. 1. Think in layers. Sometimes it is not the person in the room who will bring referrals to your business Read more about The key to effective networking[…]

People Managers are unsung heroes!

People Managers…Time to invest in the tier that steadies the ship! It is often unintentional, but due to strategic pressures, those in the most senior directorships in business can often take for granted their immediate supports. In a marketplace where our economy is lifting, sales are good and results on paper are favourable, it is Read more about People Managers are unsung heroes![…]

Sales Management training

Sales Management training An inspirational training day for Sales Managers. Thursday 17th March 2016 at The Park Inn by Radisson, Forgegate, Telford Centre, Shropshire TF3 4NA Sales managers are often the unsung heroes in business. Sometimes it is important to have time out from your busy routine so that you can not only recharge your batteries, but Read more about Sales Management training[…]

Sales Training: it’s all about the journey…

Sales Training: it’s all about the journey… Enthusiastic sales people will typically go about their daily tasks with a “can do” willingness to succeed. These types of people are often left to their own devices as managers concentrate on team members who need encouragement and monitoring. Somewhere in middle of the two extremes is a Read more about Sales Training: it’s all about the journey…[…]

The Sales Journey

Whatever sector you are operating in, when making a sale, the actual transaction is only one element of a much wider sales journey. Understanding that journey and your behaviour within it can only enhance your customer experience and deliver a stronger selling platform where you will feel more comfortable and confident. No doubt the product you Read more about The Sales Journey[…]